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There a number of ways to stay connected and in touch with the Frack Free Geelong group. Choose those that suit you, depending on your time and the of the amount of e-mails and updates you wish to see in your mailbox.

[1] Click the ‘like’-button on our Facebook page

[2] Sign up to receive Frack Free Geelong’s newsletter in your mailbox by filling out the form in the left column on this website. ←

The newsletter is sent out approximately once a month and contains a collection of current news relevant to citizens in City of Greater Geelong.
» Here are some examples of what the newsletters looks like.

[3] Sign these two petitions :

[3a] Frack Free Geelong has set up a petition to urge the City of Greater Geelong Council to make a clear stand on the issue of gas mining in our area. To sign it, go to
» More information about this petition

[3b] Help make Geelong region fossil fuel free. To sign you must go to the petition site where you can sign, and please also add your personal comment – on:


It is important that you also contribute with a small text about why you think this is important. Geelong citizen’s personal comments to the Council will most likely have a greater influence on the mayor and councillors than just the number of signatures.

More information about this petition on:

[4] Sign up below if you’d like to join the group of Frack Free Geelong activists, receive the internal communication on our googlegroup-mailinglist in order to become more involved in meetings, action events, campaigns, surveys, and so on:

[5] For more information about our fossil fuel free future and the alternatives to fracking: Click the ‘like’-button on this Facebook-page Fossil Fuel Free Future to get updates on this topic.

[6] Sign up for the newsletter from Lock the Gate Alliance, or become a member:

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Protect our region from gas mining

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