Letter to Geelong Council

Alan Manson from Frack Free Grovedale sent the following letter to the Geelong Mayor and Councillors, asking whether City of Greater Geelong – now that the chamber unanimously has made a formal decision to reject fracking and call for a permanent ban on onshore gas extraction in the region – will be following up on this and submit an offical request for a permanent ban to state council before the government’s inquiry submission closing date on 10 July 2015.

Alan Manson wrote:

“Dear Mayor and Councillors,

On Tuesday this week, I sent an email to each of you enquiring whether Council planned to make a submission the government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas Mining (i.e. Fracking). So far, I have not received any response to my query.

Last Wednesday, I sent an email to my Ward Councillor – Andy Richards enquiring as to whether the councillors had received my email – but I have had no response. As there is a deadline looming, I am becoming concerned as to whether Council intends to provide a submission to the inquiry or not.

On Thursday, it was reported in the Geelong Advertiser that the Surfcoast Shire have “officially vowed to oppose unconventional gas exploration and mining” in the region; so the various anti-fracking groups within the PEP163 exploration area are wondering if the CoGG has any intentions of supporting the Surfcoast Shire’s position?

As the date closing date of Friday, 10th July 2015 for submissions to be lodged is not far away, our members are becoming concerned as to what Council’s position is regarding this matter.

Any indication you could provide to me about Council’s intentions here (at the earliest opportunity) would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,

Alan Manson
Frack Free Grovedale


City of Greater Geelong’s Manager of Environment and Waste Services, Rodney Thomas, replied on 26 Jun 2015 at 2:47 PM:

“Thanks for your query in relation to this inquiry. I can confirm Council is preparing a submission. This will be based upon the extensive community consultation and Council resolution from last year.

We have also provided our position to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), which represents local governments in Victoria. This will help form the MAV’s submission.”