About Frack Free Geelong

Welcome to Frack Free Geelong.

We are a grassroots activist group dedicated to educating locals against the dangers of hydraulic fracturing – ‘fracking’ – for coal seam gas, tight gas, shale gas and other unconventional gasses, and actively campaigning against it whether that involves lobbying politicians at all levels or getting out on the streets ourselves to draw attention to the danger.

Rather than being ‘anti-fracking’, we see ourselves as being ‘pro-renewables’ and ‘pro-green jobs’. Geelong is in an ideal situation at the moment with the ‘old guard’ in Ford, Alcoa and Shell leaving, to actively lead our nation in the transition to the post-carbon world which climate science is demanding of us.

We haven’t seen any public discussion of this in the local media, and we are hoping to change that.

Frack Free Geelong is a non-partisan group and is open to people of all political persuasions who want to see an end to fracking and new growth in the field of renewable energy generation in Victoria.

By joining this group you have a number of options. You will receive a monthly newsletter via email keeping you updated on any upcoming anti-fracking events in the region, and the latest coverage in media around the issue.

Become active
For this group to be sustainable, we need more activists to step up and play a participating role. Do you have skills you can offer and teach others? Or would you like to learn new skills? We are a group that promotes skill sharing, capacity building and personal development.

We look forward to working with you to create a frack free future.
To get involved please

» Contact us

» Facebook page: www.facebook.com/frackfreegeelong

» Home page: www.frackfreegeelong.org


Meetings held in Geelong in 2013:
» 10 September 2013 at Beav’s Bar
» 24 September 2013 at Trades Hall
» 12 December 2013 at Trades Hall


Connect with the Frack Free groups in the Otways, South-West Victoria:
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» Grovedale:  www.facebook.com/FrackFreeGrovedale

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» Warrnambool:  www.facebook.com/Unfrackabool



Protect our region from gas mining

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