Put a submission together and send it off before 10 July


We have til 10 July 2015 to write to the parliamentary inquiry why we don’t need unconventional gas companies in our backyard. As an individual, a business owner, as a group or family, you need to make a submission.

Below is a link that can help you write your submission.

This is so important, we can’t stress enough that each and every one of us must have our voices heard. The submission does not need to be long, it does not expect you to know all the answers, but merely a chance to express your concerns. How will it affect you, if the trucks start rolling in?

» Submissions can be sent via email: epc@parliament.vic.gov.au
or ESubmission on the website.

» Government website: www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc/article/2636

» Written submissions can be sent via post to: Keir Delaney, Secretary, Environment & Planning Committee Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3002

NOW is the time to help stop this filthy industry

The following text is an email sent by Alan Manson, Frack Free Grovedale

The Fracking Inquiry and the campaign against it has just now in earnest.  If you don’t want Fracking to commence in Victoria, NOW is the time to help stop this filthy industry from getting a foothold into our communities.

Here is an email from Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth (FoE) who is steering this campaign forward.

I am willing to do all I can to support the FoE efforts by writing a submission to the Inquiry and by pestering the pollies about this – and I’m wondering if you are willing to help too?

If so, please consider doing the following:

1. Go to the government website to download the Terms of Reference for submissions to the inquiry here: www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc/article/2636  
It doesn’t have to be too long or detailed as it is really just a numbers game.

2. Put a submission together and send it off before 10th July 2015. 

3. Feel free to indicate to me whether you are interested in attending meetings with local politicians about this, and/or attending the public rally in Melbourne on 20th September 2015 – just for a start.