National inquiry into the impact of unconventional gas mining in Australia

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Senator Glen Lazarus has successfully campaigned for an establishment of a Senate Select Committee to inquire into the impact of Unconventional Gas mining in Australia, after his shock in visiting communities affected by gasfield developments in southern Queensland.

He is taking submissions just like the Victorian inquiry did and will hold hearing across the country, including Victoria.

It is also being referred to as the “Bender Inquiry’ out of respects for George Bender, a Queensland farmer who lost his fight against CSG companies.

Please take the time to make a submission.

The fact that the Victoria inquiry received over 1,700 submissions clearly demonstrated that communities are concerned and stand firm that there is no social licence for industry to operate.

You can submit a copy of your Victorian one or write a new submission, but either way your voice counts!

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Please state if you wish for your name to be withheld, when sending, otherwise your name will be published.

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Thank you all for your continued support!