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 26 JUNE 2015 

Fracking Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry

Letter from Alan Manson, Convenor, Frack Free Grovedale, to Geelong Mayor and Councillors:

“On Tuesday this week, I sent an email to each of you enquiring whether Council planned to make a submission the government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas Mining (i.e. Fracking). So far, I have not received any response to my query. (…)”

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 12 JUNE 2015 

Put a submission together

Hi everyone,

The Fracking Inquiry and the campaign against it has just now in earnest.  If you don’t want Fracking to commence in Victoria, NOW is the time to help stop this filthy industry from getting a foothold into our communities.

Here is an email from Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth (FoE) who is steering this campaign forward.

I am willing to do all I can to support the FoE efforts by writing a submission to the Inquiry and by pestering the pollies about this – and I’m wondering if you are willing to help too?

If so, please consider doing the following:

1. Go to the government website to download the Terms of Reference for submissions to the inquiry here:  
It doesn’t have to be too long or detailed as it is really just a numbers game.

2. Put a submission together and send it off before 10th July. 

3. Feel free to indicate to me whether you are interested in attending meetings with local politicians about this, and/or attending the public rally in Melbourne on 20th September – just for a start.

As usual, if you no longer want to receive these emails, then send me a reply to request the same.


Alan Manson
Frack Free Grovedale

 28 MAY 2015 

Fracking the Facts, Mr Pallas?

At the recent Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) conference, you made the following statement regarding onshore gas projects (or Fracking). One comment you made claimed; “…the public are confused and uncertain about unconventional gas exploration and extraction”.
Really, Mr. Pallas?

Why do you ignore the fact that 62 communities throughout the affected regions in Victoria have declared themselves to be “Gasfield Free”; which includes the City of Greater Geelong and the Surfcoast Shire located in the PEP163 exploration area? These declarations happened because each community had proven the Unconventional Gas Mining (UGM) industry to be toxic to the environment; toxic to our water resources; toxic to people’s health, and cannot be trusted to dispose of wastewater safely. Now you claim those in these communities are “CONFUSED”!!
If comments like yours provide an indication as to what we can expect at the forthcoming parliamentary inquiry into UGM, can we expect this type of misinformation from your government to be a part of the inquiry process?

Alan Manson
Frack Free Grovedale

The above is a letter sent by Alan Manson from Grovedale to all Victorian papers

 12 APRIL 2015 

Premier Andrews replies

This is the response Alan Manson received from Premier Daniel Andrews to his letters.

Click to enlarge (PDF)

 13 MARCH 2015 

Premier Andrews Ignores Facts about CSG Mining Dangers

On the 30th January 2015, Alan Manson wrote to Premier Andrews on behalf of the members of Frack Free Grovedale highlighting to him serious concerns about CSG mining activities in NSW and Queensland, namely:

· The illegal dumping of highly radioactive ‘produced water’ onto public roads by a CSG mining company.

· The tunnelling of CSG wells under homes in Sydney suburbs and the toxic effect it had on children in the homes affected.

Alan Manson writes:
“I then asked the Premier a number of questions in relation to this, but have not received any response from his office. The only email received from other ministers also sent copies was from Lisa Neville (Environment Minister) who had nothing to comment. She simply revealed she had hand-balled the issue to the Minister for Energy (Lily D’Ambrosio) – so it’s safe to assume she has little concern about the environmental issues I raised.

On 10th March, I wrote my second letter to Premier Andrews – but history indicates it is unlikely he will respond. As I have given him and his ministers ample time to respond to the issues raised in my letters, they leave me no alternative but to bring this situation to the public’s attention.

If you are as upset as I am about the Premier’s refusal to address these very serious issues about CSG mining and the impact it is likely to have if allowed into Victoria, I suggest that you also contact his office via Facebook, Twitter and any other means in an effort to have him respond to my letters. I also suggest you contact your local member in Victoria and request that he or she ask the Premier to respond to my letters.

Many thanks,

Alan Manson
Frack Free Grovedale

» Letter to Andrews – 10 March 2015 (PDF)

» Response from Environment Minister Lisa Neville – 4 February 2015 (PDF)

 12 JULY 2014 

Fracked-off with Geelong Council – AGAIN!

Eight weeks ago, I asked Cr. Richards questions about his and Council’s position on fracking.  As I was not happy with his response, I wrote him a letter that gave detailed information about fracking’s dangers.

Seven weeks later there was no response.

A week ago, an email to him also failed to gain any comment, which demonstrates he has a total disregard for any community consultation in this matter.

Posing my questions to him again at Question Time last night only brought more frustration, as he spoke in generalities and not on specifics.

Nevertheless, my questions have revealed that Council has separated the fracking issue from the incomplete Environmental Management Strategy Report and that Council intends to discuss this at their first meeting in August.

Could this mean councillors are likely to vote on the potential destruction of the region’s water supplies; the devastation of our farmlands and a host of other social, environmental and health issues associated with fracking while not being accountable to the community they claim to represent?

Now is the time for the Geelong community to voice their opposition to fracking by communicating to their councillors before the August meeting that we DO NOT WANT OUR LAND FRACKED! Everyone should attend this vital 12th August meeting.

Lyn Manson
Frack Free Grovedale


Geelong Independent

 23 JUNE 2014 

Communities fracked-off by government

Alan Manson attended the ‘Natural Gas Community Information Open Day’ at Torquay on 19 June 2014. He was appalled at the lack of any form of advertising about this event towards the communities it was supposedly intended for.

The Natural Gas Community Information Open Day mentioned in Thursday’s edition of the Advertiser was the only notification that the Geelong, Torquay, Anglesea and Moriac communities knew of the State Government’s consultation process being held in Torquay that day. For these communities, it was the only forum available in which to voice their concerns about Coal Seam Gas mining (or Fracking).

Considering the huge implications this form of mining will have on water supplies, soil and air contamination, the increase in heavy haulage road traffic throughout the region together with the likely destruction of farmland, nature reserves and crown lands, it makes one wonder why the few local people who knew about it had to resort to social media and other personal means to get community participation involved in the event. It was admitted by the organisers that their report next March will reflect the “quantity of views gathered”, which gives us cause for concern.

Given the lack of any advertising prior to yesterday’s event, one wonders whether the government is ‘engineering the outcome they want’ (fracking approval) by not advertising these events; considering that the same lack of advertising has happened at similar venues elsewhere.
Alan Manson


Protect our region from gas mining

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