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fracking-okay article

» Geelong Independent – 31 October 2014:
Fracking ‘okay’


Advertisement in Geelong News on 29 October 2013, as well as in Geelong Advertiser

“It is the future…”

“We believe that the US shale gas revolution is about to hit Australia’s shores.”

“The potential size of Australia’s shale gas resources is truly enormous…”

“Time to Ride the Wave”

Quotes from RFC Ambrian’s Australian Unconventional Oil and Gas report from 2013

If you would like to have an insight into how people in the gas industry talks about that land which you may be perceiving as “yours”, it is worthwhile spending a bit of time with this 2013-report from RFV Ambrian.
For instance, when they write:

“However, in August 2012 the Victorian Government issued a moratorium on fracture stimulation, which has postponed the proposed fracture stimulation of the Wombat-4 and Boundary Creek-2 wells…” (on page 114 in Australian Unconventional Oil and Gas)

… it becomes clear to everyone that in the gas industry, the state government’s moratorium, which runs out in June 2015, is only “postponing” the gas drilling projects – the potential prospects of an extension of the moratorium or a permanent ban are not even considered.


“Let’s Grow Victoria”

“It’s Cleaner. It’s Safer. It’s Jobs. It Is The Future.”

‘Let’s Grow Victoria’ is a publication of the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA). They write: “Its aim is to broaden understanding of how Victorians can benefit from the sustainable development of natural gas from coal seams.”

» Find ‘Let’s Grow Victoria’ on APPEA’s website:  www.naturalcsg.com.au

“The state has extensive coal bodies and could have considerable natural CSG potential. But assessment of this potential is being held back by unnecessary restrictions on onshore gas operations.”
Natural Coal Seam Gas

If/when the Victorian gas mining moratorium is lifted, here is what the Otways has in store:


How do you feel about this?

Permission to drill: When the state government grants a licence to a company, as it has done with Lakes Oil in Geelong region, existing legislation allows Lakes Oil to mine anywhere within that licence, even if it is on private land. In order to maintain good public relations, most mining companies try to gain permission from land-holders, but in reality a land-holder has no legal right to stop mining from occurring on their land.

The kind of figures we are up against: In New South Wales, the onshore gas industry – according to sources within the industry itself – is paying $135 million in land access payments to farmers and landowners, and the NSW government’s revenue is estimated to be $1.6 billion. Read more

‘Getting gas right’

Here is a 49-page report from 2013, ‘Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge’, which talks about producing an estimated $50 billion-a-year gas industry in Australia by 2017, and about Australia’s role in a so-called “gas revolution” created by surging demand in Asia:

» Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge

About Lakes Oil

“Melbourne-based Lakes Oil (LKO) is the oldest Australian oil and gas explorer still operating in the country. It owns a package of onshore Otway and Gippsland basin tight gas assets. The government of Victoria has imposed a fraccing moratorium that has hindered the appraisal of LKO’s Victorian assets. (…) In January 2013 Gina Rinehart invested U$4.25m in LKO by purchasing unsecured notes.”
(Page 192)

“Otway Basin, Australia. In PEP 169 (Lakes Oil: 49%) Armour Energy drilled Moreys-1 to earn its 51% interest in the permit in 2Q12. It is considered a tight gas and condensate discovery due to indications of tight gas during drilling and the recovery of hydrocarbons during drill stem testing in the Eumeralla Formation. A further well, Otway-1 is planned up-dip from the Iona-gas field.”
(Page 192)

» RFC Ambrian’s Australian Unconventional Oil and Gas Report

Gas for “Sustainable economic growth”

This is how NSW Resources & Energy tries to explain to its citizens that they ‘need’ to drill for gas, that it is all safe and good, and that they by the way have no rights to refuse it. NSW Resources & Energy is a division of NSW Trade & Investment, the lead economic development agency in New South Wales which claims to be “responsible for driving sustainable economic growth across the state”.

» NSW government’s FAQ: www.resourcesandenergy.nsw.gov.au


Protect our region from gas mining

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