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Public hearings into onshore unconventional gas

The Victorian state inquiry into unconventional gas in full swing. Gippsland and Melbourne hearings took place in July, and a hearing in Western Victoria – Torquay – took place on 12-13 August 2015.

Below are the transcripts which have been provided by www.parliament.vic.gov.au:


Tuesday 15 September 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
12.00 noon Energy Users Association of Australia pdfEnergy Users Association of Australia(PDF 291.27 KB)
12.35 pm Environment Protection Authority pdfEnvironment Protection Authority Victoria(PDF 6.14 MB)

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
7.00 pm Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 49.44 KB) pdfPlastics and Chemicals Industries Association(PDF 948.95 KB)
7.30 pm CSR Limited  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 38.4 KB) pdfCSR Limited(PDF 139.78 KB)


Tuesday 1 September 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
12.00 noon Department of Health and Human Services  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 67.91 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 82.25 KB)

pdfAnswers to QON(PDF 100.1 KB)

pdfGovernment of Victoria(PDF 4.52 MB)


12.50 pm Doctors for the Environment Australia  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 30.61 KB)

pdfHandout(PDF 768.09 KB)

 pdfDoctors for Environment Australia(PDF 580.83 KB)

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
12.00 noon Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

 pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 103.64 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 724.56 KB)

 pdfGovernment of Victoria(PDF 4.52 MB)


Wednesday 12 August 2015 – Regional Hearing

Surf Coast Shire Council, 1 Merrijig Drive, Torquay

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
12.00 noon Surf Coast Shire Council

Greater Geelong City Council

Colac Otway Shire Council

pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 59.11 KB)

pdfSurf Coast Shire Presentation.pdf(PDF 2.07 MB)

pdfAnswers to QON(PDF 754.54 KB)

pdfCity of Greater Geelong(PDF 601.66 KB)

pdfColac Otway Shire(PDF 292.12 KB)

1.30 pm Barwon Water  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 44.64 KB)

pdfHandout(PDF 504 KB)

pdfBarwon Region Water Corporation(PDF 290.2 KB)
2.15 pm Frack Free Moriac  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 40.37 KB)
3.00 pm Mike Forrester  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 41.72 KB) pdfBarwon Paediatricans(PDF 500.07 KB)
3.45 pm G21 Agribusiness

Otway Harvest Trail

 pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 40.84 KB)

pdfG21 Agribusiness Handout(PDF 274.03 KB)

4.15 pm Comments from the Floor pdfIan Clarke(PDF 12.96 KB)

pdfWendy Klason(PDF 11.04 KB)

pdfDarren Noyes-Brown(PDF 10.42 KB)

pdfAlan Manson(PDF 8.98 KB)

pdfSuzanne Yandle(PDF 10.43 KB)

pdfChris Johnson(PDF 9.28 KB)

pdfKristin Bitmead(PDF 10.62 KB) 



Thursday 13 August 2015 – Regional Hearing

Surf Coast Shire Council, 1 Merrijig Drive, Torquay

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
9.00 am 3228 Residents Association  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 42.4 KB)
9.45 am Friends Of The Earth  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 68.02 KB)


pdfFriends of the Earth(PDF 373.1 KB)

pdfAttachment 1(PDF 113.74 KB)

10.45 am Professor Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 76.68 KB)  pdfSamantha Hepburn(PDF 855.26 KB)
11.30 am Michael Blackam, Coffey  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 60.25 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 1.31 MB)

pdfMichael Blackam(PDF 1.89 MB)
12.45 pm Dr George Carman  pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 66.14 KB)

pdfPresentation.pdf(PDF 266.41 KB)

pdfDr. George Carman(PDF 178.79 KB)
 1.15 pm Frack Free Geelong
Gasfield Free Torquay
pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 31.01 KB)  pdfFrack Free Geelong(PDF 4.27 MB)
 2.00 pm Wurdale Landcare Group pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 37.38 KB) pdfWurdale Landcare Group(PDF 27.96 KB)
 2.30 pm Environmental Justice Australia pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 49.84 KB)

pdfHandout 1(PDF 502.95 KB)

pdfHandout 2(PDF 359.99 KB)

pdfEnvironmental Justice Australia(PDF 2.8 MB)


Wednesday 5 August 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
7.30 pm Environment Victoria
Dr Nick Aberle, Safe Climate Campaign Manager
Anne Martinelli, One Million Homes Energy Efficiency Campaigner
 pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 58.77 KB) pdfEnvironment Victoria(PDF 538.08 KB)
8.15 pm Grattan Institute
Tony Wood, Energy Program Director
David Blowers, Energy Fellow
 pdfCorrected Transcript(PDF 82.06 KB)  pdfGrattan Institute(PDF 10.59 MB)

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Hearing in Parliament House

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
10.00 am Mr Tim Forcey, Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne pdfTranscript(PDF 86.94 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 1003.12 KB)

pdfUniversity of Melbourne Energy Institute(PDF 436.3 KB)
10.45 am Professor Peter Cook pdfTranscript(PDF 71.89 KB) pdfAustralian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering(PDF 263.44 KB)

pdfAppendix 1(PDF 9.09 MB)

11.30 am Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning pdfTranscript(PDF 66.74 KB)

pdfPresentation(PDF 1.65 MB)

12.30 pm Victorian Farmers Federation pdfTranscript(PDF 65.63 KB) pdfVictorian Farmers Federation(PDF 1.55 MB)
1.15 pm Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) pdfTranscript(PDF 91.45 KB) pdfAPPEA(PDF 1.88 MB)
2.00 pm Dr Matthew Currell, RMIT University, Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering pdfTranscript(PDF 64.47 KB)

pdfPresentation (PDF 2 MB)

pdfMatthew Currell (PDF 197.98 KB)
2.45 pm Minerals Council of Australia pdfTranscript(PDF 328.4 KB) pdfMinerals Council of Australia(PDF 5.99 MB)



Wednesday 1 July 2015

Gippsland Regional Sports Complex (GRSC), 116 Cobains Road, Sale

Time Witness Transcript Written submission
9.00 am Dr Jo McCubbin pdfCorrected Transcript47.23 KB

pdfPresentation(PDF 9.5 MB)

9.45 am Dairy Australia pdfCorrected Transcript44.38 KB
10.45 am Lakes Oil pdfCorrected Transcript101.60 KB

pdfPresentation(PDF 3.21 MB)

pdfLakes Oil(PDF 1.51 MB)
11.30 am Ignite Energy Resources pdfCorrected Transcript46.52 KB

pdfPresentation(PDF 891.11 KB)



Tuesday 30 June 2015 – Regional Hearing

Gippsland Regional Sports Complex (GRSC), 116 Cobains Road, Sale, Victoria

Time Witness Transcript
12.00 noon Wellington Shire
South Gippsland Shire
Baw Baw Shire
LaTrobe Shire
Bass Coast Shire
pdfCorrected Transcript72.64 KB  

pdfBass Coast Shire Council(PDF 88.32 KB)

1.30 pm Alex Arbuthnot pdfCorrected Transcript48.50 KB pdfAlexander Arbuthnot(PDF 183.78 KB)
2.15 pm Lock the Gate pdfCorrected Transcript52.07 KB pdfLock the Gate(PDF 1.97 MB)
3.15 pm Ross Scott pdfCorrected Transcript51.62 KB
4.00 pm Committee for Gippsland pdfCorrected Transcript38.28 KB
4.45 pm Comments from the Floor pdfCorrected Transcript64.29 KB



Transcripts source

The transcripts above are all provided by www.parliament.vic.gov.au


Final report

The the final report on 1 Dececember 2015. So there is still a few very vital weeks to keep the pressure on the committee and government.

» Here is a list of things you still can do:

An article published in The Australian on 12 August 2015 under the headline ‘MPs to cede to gas ban activists’, and with the subtitle: ‘A deluge of “Lock the Gate”-style anti-exploration submissions to a parliamentary committee ­appear to have crushed the chances of Victoria establishing its own onshore gas industry in the short term.’ …would indicate that we are on the right track towards a total ban.

» Transcripts from the first hearings can be found here:


Thank you so much to all of you that put in submissions to the inquiry commission. They received a total of 1,600 submissions, most of which can be read on the website here:

For instance:

» City of Greater Geelong (PDF 601.66 KB)

» Colac Otway Shire (PDF 292.12 KB)

» Frack Free Geelong (PDF 4.27 MB)

» Geelong Sustainability Group (PDF 802.98 KB)

» Doctors for Environment Australia (PDF 580.83 KB)

» Barwon Paediatricans (PDF 500.07 KB)

» Environment Victoria (PDF 538.08 KB)

» Friends of the Earth (PDF 373.1 KB)

» Lock the Gate (PDF 1.97 MB)

» University of Melbourne Energy Institute (PDF 436.3 KB)

» Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

» Matthew Currell (PDF 197.98 KB)
Dr Matthew Currell, RMIT University, Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering, spoke at the hearing in Melbourne on 22 July 2015.

» Climate Change Our Future (PDF 517.08 KB)

» Barwon Region Water Corporation (PDF 290.2 KB)
Barwon Water supplies drinking water to a permanent population of 285,000 people – 20 percent of Victoria’s regional population – across an 8,100 square kilometre service area. However, their submission is disappointingly weak.

» Surf Coast Air Action Inc (PDF 393.87 KB)

» Andrew Laird (PDF 314.96 KB)

» VFF – Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 1.55 MB)

» Queenscliffe Community Association (PDF 465.87 KB)

» Lakes Oil (PDF 1.51 MB)

» APPEA (PDF 1.88 MB)

» Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 5.99 MB)

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria is holding a public hearing on 22 July at Parliament House in Melbourne.  See below for details.

If you care to attend, your presence would help our numbers impact the hearing.

Media release from www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc:

Public hearing into unconventional gas

On Wednesday 22 July, a Victorian parliamentary committee is holding a public hearing in Melbourne in relation to the inquiry into unconventional gas in Victoria. The Committee is examining the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of onshore unconventional gas development.

Chair of the Victorian Parliament’s Environment and Planning Committee, Hon David Davis, said “the inquiry is an opportunity for Victorian communities to have input into the Committee’s terms of reference”.

“The Committee has received many submissions to date from individuals, organisations and governments.

“The Committee has previously held two days of hearings and will continue to seek community input as the inquiry progresses. This hearing in Melbourne will be an opportunity for the Committee to receive evidence from expert witnesses and peak bodies.”

WHAT: Public hearing into onshore unconventional gas

WHEN: Wednesday, 22 July 2015 from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

WHERE: Legislative Council Committee Room, Parliament House, Melbourne

WHO: Environment and Planning Committee will conduct the hearing with the following schedule:

10:00 am   Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne

10:45 am   Prof Peter Cook

11:30 am   Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

12:30 pm   Victorian Farmers Federation

1:15 pm   Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)

2:00 pm   Dr Matthew Currell, RMIT University, Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering

2:45 pm   Minerals Council of Australia

Further details can be found on the Committee’s website: www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc

Enquiries: Keir Delaney, Secretary, Environment and Planning Committee – 03 8682 2816

Issued: 16 July 2015

» Source: Parliament of Victoria

Government pulls strings to protect gas industry

The Victorian Government vets where onshore gas miners can speak and has alerted them not to speak at a public event in Geelong.

Frack Free Geelong media release – 15 September 2014

“We find it extremely disappointing that a community group which wants to show and discuss both sides of the ‘fracking’ story haven’t been able to do so,” said Frack Free Geelong spokesperson Chris Johnson.

Frack Free Geelong is a community network of over 600 citizens who are concerned that onshore gas extraction will turn Geelong region into an industrial zone polluting the air, contaminating aquifers and causing real estate value to drop.

“We felt it important that the community got both sides of this very controversial issue. Accordingly we invited Lakes Oil CEO Mr Robert J. Annells to address our information evening which is going to be held this Thursday night. Lakes Oil holds Petroleum Exploration Permit 163 to drill for gas in this region, an area which stretches from the Surf Coast to Highton in Geelong.”

In an email, Mr Arnells’ secretary declined the invitation while explaining his decline in the following way: “We have been alerted by the Victorian government’s Primary Agency to speak at events that are only run by approved government bodies that provide controlled, open and impartial dialogue.”

“Who is protecting who in this onshore gas game? And what is it they are afraid of?,” asked Ms Johnson: “This makes us wonder just how seriously the Napthine government is taking people’s concerns about fracking as well as its moratorium extension. Is this just a ploy to take it off the election agenda? Why do they feel that Lakes Oil need protecting? Who is on their list of ‘approved organisations’ and what criteria have been used to select these?”

“When you look at the 31-page pamphlet Lakes Oil’s has produced to tell about their gas mining activities in Victoria, why is the whole first page used to bring a disclaimer with a lawyer’s text that basically says that the company can’t be taken to court even if what is states in the pamphlet turns out to be false? What kind of business is this? We must demand answers to these questions from the Napthine government,” stated Ms Johnson.

“We can assure both Mr Napthine and Lakes Oil that the meeting’s moderator, the well-respected Diversitat CEO Mr Michael Martinez will be encouraging people to be open and impartial. The speakers will be presenting facts, and the audience will be encouraged to make comments and ask questions. Inspite of Lakes Oil’s non-attendance, we will still try our best to give their side of the issue as well.”


The public meeting about onshore gas extraction is held at Manifold Heights Baptist Church on Thursday 18 September 2014 at 7pm. Admission is free. More information about the program on www.climatesafety.info/gasrush

High resolution photos for download:
» www.frackfreegeelong.org/download

Frack Free Geelong are a community group concerned about the risk that coal, coal seam gas, tight gas and shale gas exploration will have on Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. The group currently consists of approximately 600 concerned citizens in the Geelong region.

Have your say on fracking

The closing date for submissions to Council about fracking is Friday 26 September.

Frack Free Geelong encourages every citizen in Geelong to “have your say” on this matter. Even a sentence or two counts, by email, online or in the mail.

» Submissions can be sent to Geelong Council via this webpage:

» www.frackfreegeelong.org

» www.facebook.com/frackfreegeelong

Media coverage

Geelong Independent – 19 September 2014

» Geelong Independent – 19 September 2014:
Fuel boss ‘gagged’ on fracking
Government ‘pulling strings’, claim activists. Article by John van Klaveren