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Council calls for public submissions on fracking

Deadline: 26 September 2014. Council runs a fact-finding process and takes public submissions about coal seam gas mining / on-shore gas extraction / fracking. A media release from the City of Greater Geelong Council on 22 August 2014 stated:

“The City of Greater Geelong is seeking further information regarding onshore gas extraction process and will call for public submissions on the issue.

Under a Notice of Motion moved initially by Environment and Sustainability Portfolio holder Cr Andy Richards at a Council meeting in July, a 30-day process is underway to educate Council of the issues associated with this industry.

Cr Andy Richards is calling for public submissions about onshore gas extraction including coal seam, shale gas and tight gas extraction and associated extraction methods such as hydraulic fracking.

“We’re aware that there is a level of concern in the community about onshore gas extraction and are calling for people to have their say about the industry and its possible impacts on the Geelong region.”

“Now is the time to put forward your point of view and any research or evidence that contributes to the debate.”

“State Government is responsible for issuing any permits and there is currently a state-wide moratorium on coal seam gas mining.”

“Submissions open 25 August and can be emailed, mailed or dropped in to customer service centres. We’ll need your input by Friday 26 September which is the closing date for submissions,” said Cr Richards.

A report of the submissions will subsequently be presented to Council.

Background information regarding onshore gas extraction, including coal seam, shale gas and tight gas extraction can be viewed at all City of Greater Geelong customer service centres.

How to provide feedback:



Onshore Gas Submission
Manager Environment and Waste Services
City of Greater Geelong
PO Box 104


Drop off:
In designated boxes at customer service centres



Please note that the three links that Council is providing are all in favour of gas mining. If you would like to become acquainted with views independent of the industry, we suggest you look on this page which contains information from Doctors for the Environment, Beyond Zero Emissions, Australia Institute, and The Climate Institute.

Ask Council to apply for the exemption

When you write your submission to City of Greater Geelong, consider copying the text below into your submission in some form or another:

Surf Coast Shire has put forward a motion on Unconventional Gas Exploration and Development expressing concern about potential impacts and lack of regulatory framework. (See council minutes for motion details, page 177, link below). It seems the Shire can apply to be exempt from this type of mining, but needs the community to ask council, through letters and emails, to apply for the exemption. If this holds true, then I would hereby like to ask City of Greater Geelong Council to do the same. Dear councillors, you must apply for this extension just like Surf Coast Shire is doing it and ensure that City of Greater Geelong remains gas mining free.

» Surf Coast Shire council minutes:

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